The maximum amount awarded per annum per student depends on :

  • Place of study
  • Educational Institution
  • Study financing from the Government of St.Maarten covers completely or in part the cost related to tuition, living expenses, housing and study materials.
  • Eligibilty for funding from an alternate source or funding agency

All additional expenses exceeding the maximum amount awarded by the Government of St.Maarten is for the account of the student and their parents.



Place of Study and/or Educational Institution Study or level Annual maximum Amount
Sint Maarten
American University of the Caribbean US$15.000,00
University of St Martin NAf 13.500,00
National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) NAf 1.000,00*
EligiaMartir NAf 11.000,00
IFE NAf 13.500,00
UoC NAf 14.500,00
FEFFIK/Ban Bria/Maris Stella SBO NAf 9.900,00
Frater Aurelio SBO NAf 9.900,00
RK MTS NAf11.000,00
College of the Dutch Caribbean NAf 13.500,00
EPI NAf 11.000,00
Universiteit van Aruba NAf 13.500,00
IPA NAf 11.000,00
SGB MBO NAf 13.500,00
1e jaar studenten € 3000,00
Oudere jaar studenten € 600,00
Engeland NAf 26.700,00
Caribische gebied
University of the Virgin Islands Sint Thomas US$14.000,00
Puerto Rico US$15.000,00
DominicaanseRepubliek Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree US$15.000,00
Doctor of medicine or farmacie US$15.000,00
Trinidad en Tobago en andere Caraïbische eilanden NAf 13.500,00
University of the West Indies Barbados US$15.000,00
Verenigde Staten Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree US$15.000,00
Florida A and M University US$15.000,00
Florida State University/Panama US$15.000,00
Doctor of Medicine or farmacie (Medical school Specialization) US$25.000,00
Other studies US$15.000,00
Canada Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree US$15.000,00
 Doctor Medicine or farmacie

(Medical School Specialization)


* Dependant on the course and the actual out of pocket expenses


  • The amounts listed above are subject to change without prior notification
  • No rights may be derrived from this listing as it is purely informative
  • The actual amount of the study financing will be listed on a ministerial decree