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    Xaviera Mac Donald Archanglel

    Guidance Counselors

    Hi, my name is Xaviera Mac Donald –

    Although I was born on the island of Curaçao I have a strong connection to the beautiful island of St. Maarten, because it is where I grew up as a young girl and it is also where the majority of my maternal family resides.

    I returned to Curaçao to complete my MAVO and MBO. After completing my MBO I came to the Netherlands to further my education. This was not an easy task. However with the support of my family I achieved my goal.
    Upon graduating and experiencing the stress of job training and writing a thesis, I know that quitting may seem like the easy way out. Encouragement, guidance and motivation is therefore essential during this period.

    My main goal as your Guidance Counselor is to support and encourage students from the islands, provide insight and moral support, in order to keep them focused on their main goal. Education!

    Xaviera is very self-reliant, patient, honest and friendly person. I love to laugh and appreciate good company. I am also very tolerant but to a certain extent. I take responsibility very serious.

    After 15 years of experience as a student and working professional in the Netherlands. I believe that together we can build the foundation necessary for a self-sufficient successful student.

    I am looking forward on being your Guidance Counselor as you set off into your journey as a student in the Netherlands.

    • Location: The Netherlands

      Ellen Rosaline Rosina

      Guidance Counselor

      Here I am. I am going to be your Student Guidance Counselor starting on July 1st 2015. My name is Ellen Rosaline Rosina, I was born the 8th of September on the beautiful Island of Aruba.

      A little bit more about myself.

      I have lived and worked for 12 years on the island of St. Maarten, where in July 2000 I emigrated to The Netherlands, where I am residing at the moment.

      In Holland, I studied and worked as a:

      • Schoolteacher at two VMBO schools and as Mentor, Counselor & Coach at different schools in Den Haag.
      • Also as a Case manager & Student Guidance Counselor for the Antillean/Caribbean Youths & Students in different areas and community in Holland.

      My ambition was always to contribute, help, guide and be “ that Special Listening Ear” to you as a student, knowing that you are coming to live and study in a foreign country, with all kinds of rules and regulation and while is being expected from you that you get accustomed with the system and for you to study and get your degree.

      I will do my best by dedicating my knowledge, guidance and time to help you and to see you succeed.

      I am looking forward to be that “Special Listening Ear”, that you can rely on while you are here in Holland, that you can always depend on me. With a positive attitude, I will be there for you in times of good & bad.

      I am a friendly, loyal and down to earth person, I have a very open personality, you can talk and discuss anything with me. For business, I am serious, strict and require no nonsense attitude. In times of entertainment and good performance, I am that lively, amusable and ready to celebrate person.

      I will do my best and cooperate wherever is needed. I will give you respect and will require that also from you. Feel free to contact me at any time.

      My mobile contact: 064 19 61 8 83 and 064 95 95 6 95 & mail :

      I am looking forward meeting you!

      Yours Truly, Ellen Rosina

      • Location: The Netherlands

        Geesha Alaran-Williams

        Guidance Counselor

        • Location: The Netherlands