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About Us

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Who we are?
As an organization that assists students in the pursuit of higher-and tertiary level education, the Division Study Financing (DSF) is:
- A reliable partner who thinks along with the policymakers. DSF executes financial and administrative processes and in accordance with the Study Financing Ordinance;
- An expert link between pupils, students, parents, teachers, schools, universities and other partners. DSF connects these parties together and involve them actively in the implementation;
- A forward-looking organization that makes processes as easy as possible for its customers and associates. DSF will continually works to improve service and adapt quickly to technological innovations;
- An attractive organization for its personnel. DSF has an open and respectful culture where employees will have opportunities to grow.
What we do?
The execution of the study financing ordinance
Granting and providing study financing and other financial allowances upon Government’s approval
Preparing students to live and study abroad
Monitoring the study progress and results of students studying with reference to advising the minister on extending, revoking and discontinuing study financing
Maintaining contact with students, educational institutions and student support services that have been selected to guide our students abroad
Maintaining contact with education institutions on St.Maarten, the region, and beyond in the interest of government’s study financing recipients
The repayment of study financing funds granted in the form of loans.

Meet Our Team

Click here to find out more about out staff memebers and find their contact info. 

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